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Story of "The Dark Age"

After many years of war between the Confederation and the Rebel government many people are dead and a lot of money was spent.

... And the conflict was still going on ...

Many battleships were destroyed and both sides are running low on money. That's why they couldn't protect their outer systems as before and that was the time when pirates become more successful. More and more poor people did some illegal jobs or started to steal and plunder. Finally parts of the galaxy fell into anarchie. It was a very dangerous age for all sincere inhabitants, warpilots and especially for traders.

In this situation the famous pirate Redbeard realized that many of the new buccaneers didn't know where to settle or sell the plundered goods. And the weaker pirates without much experience couldn't feel safe even in pirate or anarchic systems. So Redbeard started to gather other pirates around himself. They protected each other or formed small fleets and after some time Redbeard was accepted to be their leader to coordinate the actions and to resell all the stuff. Because he had the best connections and was well organized, more free pirates joined the group and the others leared that it is not very clever to attack them.

The socalled Reddish became wealthy and powerful during time and they pay good for offered jobs in contrast to the rebel or confed Government. With the help of money (and sometimes with firepower) they managed to persuade scientists and technicians to work for them. They got some secret information from the two big Gov. too, so the Reddish built some new factories in order to invent new weapons and ships with combined technology. At this time the Confederation and Rebel gov. meet the first time but it was almost too late. The small group around Redbeard grew up to something like a kingdom with a great army and an economic upturn. At first the Rebels thought that more pirates would mean a weaker Confederation, but after rebel forces were attacked too, the Rebels agree to cooperate. During long discussions the two governments signed a contract to build a secret research centre and to train some forces with pilots from both sides. In addition they stopped fighting each other in some parts of the galaxy and concentrate defending their systems. Now the new Alliance could use rebel and confed technology too and a new balance of power arised, the Reddish were stopped in their advance.

That happend years ago and the military situation is still very unstable. Several good pilots can influence the tide of war advantageous for one or the other side. ... and to everyone who reads this: Think about your future! Do you want to live at one planet and work in a factory? Do you only want to trade? "No, that's boring!!" you say? Right! Be courageous and help one side fighting the other. You have the possibility to become famous and wealthy. All Governments always need good pilots (because a lot of them where never seen again), so THINK ABOUT A MILITARY CAREER !!


Judas Priest

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