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Hi and welcome to my wonderful EV-page :-)

Ok, finally (after two years(?)) I'll update this page. The main purpose is to provide a place where you can get my little plug-in and a few graphic-enhancements for the great (Mac-only) game ESCAPE VELOCITY.
For discussions, questions, praise, complaints(?)... visit one of the EV Message-Boards
- Marko (June 2000)

My first plug "Lovely Hunsrück" is ready for download.
It's a small plug with funny and difficult missions (don't expect the usual go-and-kill). If you manage to solve the riddles, you are rewarded with the permission to dock at the Satellite Of Love!!
As a special feature you might find some evil Windows(TM). Do whatever you want to do with them ;-)

In the Download-section you can also find some small plugs to enhance EV graphics in general (and especially recommended together with "Lovely Hunsrueck")

 "The Dark Age" should have been my first big EV plug-in, but due to limited spare time I had to stop it. If anyone is interested to use this for his own plug - just contact me.
-> read the Story for some background infos

And now something completely different: Links!! (maybe a bit outdated)

Hot EV/O Links - a huge collection

Pontus' EV Page - get his nice Development tools

Mark's EV World - tips, plugs, links, ... and the first EV-Quiz!

...and finally: mail me everything you want!

(c)by Marko Klockner and ...
... if you're reading this:
lean back in your seat!!!