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"LovelyHunsrück", my first EV plug-in, is available in .HQX (430KB), or .BIN (320KB) format!
It's a small plug with funny and difficult missions (don't expect the usual go-and-kill). If you manage to solve the riddles, you are rewarded with the permission to dock at the Satellite Of Love!! As a special feature you might find some evil Windows(TM). Do whatever you want to do with them ;-)

Money Cheat (1k) - This is a little cheat-plug I made if you lost your pilot file, or for testing new plugs. It is compatible with everything, because I only changed one passenger-mission. Now you just have to leave and land on the planet again to earn 500.000 credits.

For better EV graphics in general (and especially together with my plug-in) I recommend to enhance EV with the following plugs:

Planet Graphics (72k),by Maurer&Dudley - - - example:

3D Originals (416k),by Andreas Weik - - - - - - - -

3D Target Graphics (48k),by Chris Kerr - - - - - - - -
Load after "3D Originals" (alphabetical order)

Cooler EV Buttons (65k),by Pontus Ilbring - - - - ---->

These are the plugs I use permanently to change the original stuff. To get the other plugs, go to Ambrosia's Plug-In Archive.

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